Wild Rowan Escoumins, Quebec (Ollin, 2002)
Mountain Ash Berries, Les Escoumin, Quebec (Ollin, 2002)  

Herbal Consultations
Humanistic/Medical Astrology

Depth Astrolgy, Dream Work

Formal Education/Experience:
Founder/Formulator Lakon Herbals (1985), Field Study/Research Native Medicinals 1975-present
Herbal Consultant/Lay Practitioner 1980-present, scope of practice: Women's Health, Family Health.
Diploma Homeopathy SNHS, Medical Aromatherapy, Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. MA Humanities/Depth Psychology, MS (CE 36 CH) Professional Counseling (Marriage & Family)/Addiction Counseling/Psychopharmacology 1999/2005/2017

Please contact me with questions or to set up an appointment.
Jayne Ollin 802-223-5563/802-449-7200 (cell). Email

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