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Lakon Herbals was founded in the early part of 1985, out of a need for pure, organic, skin care products. At that time there were three companies offering synthetic free, herbal skin care products in New England, and a few international companies. The formulas were developed based on the abundance of herbs native to Central Vermont.
My philosophy has always been quality over quantity. Every product is made from herbs cultivated or wildcrafted by us at peak cycle. All the formulas are all time honored, all the herbs have been used by humans the world over for thousands of years. All are proven safe through centuries of documented use by herbal practitioners and listed in herbal treatises the world over.

Lakon Herbals approach has always been to inncorporate aspects of the biodynamic system of gardening and farming introduced by Rudolph Steiner which rests on the ancient Sumarian system of planting, cultivation and harvesting in synch with planetary cycles and a reverence for nature and the healing spirit of the plants.

The commitment of Lakon Herbals has always been to offer our customers the purest products available.

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