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ANNOUNCEMENT: Nearing my 68th year, due to health limitations (mainly, I no longer have the stamina of a 35 year old:-) I find I am no longer able to fully enjoy maintaining the land and gardens that have been host to these formulas for the past 36 years. If you are reading this perhaps it is because you know of someone that would be interested in taking ownership of a 4.5 acre farm, 200+ year old Vermont Cape, outbuildings and gardens that have been maintained without any chemical pesticides or herbicides for over 3 decades. I and my partner are actively seeking a buyer for the home and the land, and perhaps, even the product line. However, if the latter cannot be found, I am committed to continue making the formulas as long as I can, as a priority of our relocation will be land rich in the native botanicals employed in our products, with the advantage of being a smaller parcel, one easier to maintain for us. Please email if interested. Full details available. 12/25/2022

PHILOSOPHY: Lakon Herbals is a small family business, founded by Jayne Ollin in 1986 in Central Vermont. Lakon Herbals products have always been handcrafted, all formulas are made in small batches and all the herbs grown or wildcrafted by us for these formulas. For part of our life we managed to meet the demand of nationwide distribution while adhering to this standard of quality. However, with the trend toward corporate level grocery chains or independently run health food "box" stores, Lakon Herbals made the shift to selling direct to the public via mail order to maintain the quality of the formulas.

The commitment of Lakon Herbals has always been to offer our customers the purest and most highly therapeutic and nourishing products available.

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