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Dear Jayne,
I am writing to thank you and to tell you how the Yarrow Liniment helped me recover from a very serious fracture. This winter I fractured my tibia in a skiing accident. It was one of the most serious fractures that can sometimes require months of healing and physical therapy, and in worst case scenario's loss of the leg. I was referred to the Liniment by my Massage Therapist, K. O. I began using the Yarrow Liniment immediately, directly to my leg every morning, warming it to help it penetrate. By the end of the fourth week my son and my husband, both of whom are orthopedic surgeons, were very impressed with how fast I was recovering. The concensus was that my leg was healing in half the time of someone half my age. It was so wonderful to have the liniment. Thank you, L.B.

Dear Jayne,
Great News, the Yarrow Liniment is already having dramatically positive results! My eczema is almost entirely cleared! Thank you so much for your skills as an herbalist. Best Wishes, B.W.

Hi Jayne, Just a short note to let you know how much I like the Yarrow Liniment and so do my clients!  Most of my clients are people who need specialized work done or fascia releasing. When I work on them with the Yarrow liniment not only do I have a good grasp of the muscle but I am not causing any discomfort to the client by pulling the skin.  And, by working the liniment into the skin, the work we have done seems to last longer and the client is happy not to be in pain.  Some of my clients have arthritis and need special tender loving care when getting a massage, so out comes the Yarrow Liniment and it helps ease the muscle tension.  Thanks for creating such a great liniment!  It has a very nice smell and works wonders not only problem areas but as a great massage liniment!
Sincerely, Deloras CMT

"I've already tried the liniment and the results were excellent. I've been bothered with an irritated tendon in my hand and after using the liniment my hand is eighty percent better today." -D.P.,OSSINING, N.Y.

"Thank you for sending me a jar last Autumn it worked well on my fibromyalgia clients." J.K. CMT, Lebanon, Pa.

"I work with my hands and am on my feet(all day). If I put Yarrow Liniment on them before I go to bed there is no pain or swelling in either. Plus I am callous prone and it's great for that too. Thank you." M.S., Pelham, Ma.

"Arthritic flare-ups in hand and hips" "...the liniment seemed to relieve pain immediately" -H.R. Plainfield Vt.

"(Yarrow Liniment) Alleviates pain and soreness in most case after workouts, muscle spasms and injuries." -H.G. Montpelier. Vt

"(For) Aches in wrist from a broken bone...whenever discomfort occurs...application of this liniment relieves discomfort of pain in my wrist." S.B. N.J.

"When I started using yarrow Liniment on a persistent case of eczema the eczema cleared up within a week of twice-daily applications. The skin healed, it stopped itching and the scaly patches went away, the swelling went down. After that, I continue to apply Yarrow liniment once or twice a day to keep the eczema at bay. At present I use it only when my skin itches-every week or two."- E.W., Moretown VT.

"…tried Bioforce Eczema formula with no success, also no improvement with a couple of homeopathic formulas I tried. The itching was extremely troublesome, especially at night-immediate relief from itching when I first applied the liniment. Rash cleared up within a week." C.G. Worcester, Vt.

"…this was the only product I could find that could be applied to stiff joints-even if the skin was broken-most of the "deep-heat" type treatments are no good in this regard. I work as a carpenter and found that my hands as well as getting many nicks and cuts-were seized up and painful…your liniment massaged into my hands really helps. More recently my friend has been suffering from severe tentinitus-her thumbs are very painful and seize up night and morning-the last of my liniment has really helped to ease her discomfort." C.W., Bath,Eng.

"Have had this arthritis for several years. Mostly, the discomfort is minor. A number of times, when the pain has been acute, I've applied the liniment at night, drawn gloves on, and slept the night that way. Each time I've done this, there's been a very noticeable abatement of pain and increased flexibility in the joints in my hand." JR., Plainfield, Vt

"The product (Yarrow Liniment) worked very well for my internal muscles and other pains." H.H. Worcestor Vt.

"I started using yarrow Liniment about a year and a half ago. As one who suffers from many of the after affects of lyme disease, including severe fibromyalgia, I am always looking for products that will ease the discomfort. Within several weeks I started noticing less and less pain. This single product alone has given me back the ability to function through a normal day and again be a productive person." R.M., Lititz, Pa.

To Whom It May Concern @ Lakon Herbals;
Over the years my family and I have greatly appreciated the products you have produced. The Yarrow Liniment has been a blessing to reduce bruises and soreness. C.B. Gilmanton, N.H.


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