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"Your product Green Comfort is outstanding. During 2 months of the year I work with my husband on our commercial fishing vessel handling nets (gill) and sorting out fish in the middle of the winter, the added stresses of scrubbing down the boat and gear all lend themselves to major hand and face skin damage. I use your salve to keep my hands from swelling and cracking." -J.S., Bodega Bay, Ca.

"I purchased a container of your salve and found it to be the Best Salve I have ever used. I have tried several and found yours to be the most effective, yet most gentle. I have sensitive skin and didn't have any problems using it. " -B.Z. Ithaca Ny.

"I have been very, very happy with the results of the Lakon Herbals Green Comfort Salve. I have used many prescriptions and over the counter creams and ointments, but none have helped my condition as much as the salve. The salve is very soothing and seems to definitely reduce the inflammation of my skin condition. I highly recommend that you send a copy of my testimonial and inf. on to the Candida Research Foundation." P.P., Meridan, Ct.

"I have tried every product on the market to try to stop the itching of insect bites and this is the only that works so quickly and so effectively." H.H., Montpelier Vt.

"For years I have used your salve(Green Comfort), I've tried imitations. This product is the best healing salve I've ever found. I am amazed that I can heal wounds many days faster than any other medication. People could well benefit from the knowledge of this superior salve." J.S., Noato, Ca.

"I was recently visiting friends in Vermont when I developed a rash on my arm. My friend had your comfrey salve(Green Comfort) and suggested I use it. Well, it worked!" K.K. Highland N.Y.

"My 87 year old mother uses a jar of your salve(Green Comfort) every two weeks. My 95 year old mother-in-law uses it too! Please give me the price so I can send for some too." Mrs.B., Glen Arm, Md.

"I am interested in purchasing some of your green comfort salve which my daughter, who lives in Vermont introduced me to. It is like magic, it is so healing." -V.C., Bellerose, N.Y.

"Your Green Comfort Salve and Skin Care oil are wondrous. I have environmental illness and it's a rare delight for me to find blends that heal and comfort my skin (rather then triggering an 'allergic reaction)."

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